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Thomson Automotive has become one of the most respected "LS" engine builders in the business, thanks in large part to a cooperative working relationship with GM Performance Parts (GMPP). Thomson Automotive has helped development high-performance combinations with GMPP and that experience has trickled down to street and racing enthusiasts who've benefited from Thomson's expertise. From our 850-horsepower supercharged Solstice to reliable, nitrous-fed racing engines and a ground-breaking 2,000-horsepower twin-turbo LSX engine, we've pushed the LS platform's envelope. We know what works and what doesn't - and we can help you build an engine that will blow away the competition.

Our first twin-turbo LS Engine: 454 CID & tons of boost!
Elsewhere on our Web site, you can see the 2,000-horsepower twin-turbo engine we built using an LSX block and a 400-cubic-inch displacement. It was the follow-up to our first twin-turbo LS engine project, which is what we've got here.

It, too, uses an LSX block, but with a 454-inch displacement. And rather than a pair of top-mounted throttle bodies, it uses a single, front-mounted intake system that better approximates the underhood layout of most modern EFI engines (this engine was originally built to run in a GM Performance Parts 1996 Impala SS project car).

The engine also uses prototype six-bolt aluminum LSX heads and a unique, CNC-carved aluminum intake manifold with 16 fuel injectors. Boost is supplied by a pair of 88mm turbochargers and the ignition system uses a front-mount distributor. The ignition components and control system were supplied and tuned by Accel/DFI.

We funneled the experience from building and testing this hair-dried 454 LSX into the 400-inch twin-turbo engine, which helped us achieve more than 2,000 horsepower from it.


By the way, we've never blown a head gasket on our super-high-output turbo engines.

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